Kabushiki Aluminum Ceramic Foam Filter is suitable for purification and filtration of high-temperature aluminum and aluminum alloy solutions. It can filter non-metallic slag and slag as small as micrometers, and make the surface of castings smoother.

Reduce processing loss, filtration can make the molten aluminum fill the cavity more uniformly. The molten metal has a higher tendency of turbulence during the casting process, and finally it is transformed into a very stable laminar flow through the turbulent flow of the three-dimensional pore structure. The cavity has better filling, thereby reducing metal solution pairs. Impact corrosion of the casting cavity, significantly reduce the rejection rate, reduce production costs, and improve labor productivity.

The ceramic foam filter produced by the company uses good foam and high-purity ceramics as raw materials, which can effectively remove the non-metallic solid mixture in the aluminum liquid and aluminum alloy flux in the aluminum casting industry.

Kabushiki Aluminum Ceramic Foam Filter

According to Kabushiki Aluminum, the filter must be preheated before use.
Kabushiki Aluminum Ceramic Foam Filter is completely sealed in the aluminum water filter box, so that all the aluminum water passes through the filter plate, and the total amount of filtration does not exceed the specified limit.
If the amount of slag in the aluminum is too large, a multi-stage ceramic filter plate should be used.
Kabushiki Aluminum purchased filter plates with stable performance and quality through sales@adtechamm.com, and promoted the product to other aluminum continuous casting plants in Spain.

In order to ensure the filtering effect of the filter, the placement of the filter, and the design of the gating system should also follow certain specifications.
The installation of the filter The filter must be placed as close as possible to the casting to obtain the maximum filtration efficiency and flow adjustment.
Considering practical factors, such as the position that can be placed in the mold and the design of the gating system, the filter is often placed in the runner.
Sometimes the filter is placed at the bottom of the sprue, but this is not recommended.
Because the filtering effect and adjustment of the flow of the ceramic foam filter will be affected by the turbulence from the bottom of the sprue to the runner. It is recommended to install the filter vertically in the runner.

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