Use Ceramic Filter For Foundry, which is made of unique formula and advanced environmental protection technology.
The three-dimensional network structure is uniform, with high strength, stable texture, no slag, high temperature resistance and strong thermal shock resistance.

Use Ceramic Filter For Foundry, pls contact or
Ceramic Filter is suitable for purification and filtration of high temperature aluminum and aluminum alloy solution, can filter non-metallic slag and slag as small as micron, make the surface of casting more smooth, reduce machining loss.
Ceramic Foundry Filter can make aluminum liquid more evenly Filled with the cavity, the molten metal has a higher turbulence tendency during casting.
Ceramic Foundry Filter is finally converted into a very stable laminar flow through the turbulent flow of the three-dimensional pore structure, and the laminar flow has better filling of the cavity, thereby reducing the metal solution pair.
Impact corrosion of the casting cavity, and significantly reduce the scrap rate, reduce production costs, and increase labor productivity.

Use Ceramic Filter For Foundry

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