Foam Ceramic Filter Portugal Foundry can remove metal scum and metal impurity solutions much stronger than many other filter media, using a combination of physical and chemical methods to filter them.
The large inclusions on the surface of the filter are the physical screens on the chemical affinity paper, and the retention and small inclusions are adsorbed to the surface of the filter.
Side walls or pores. Therefore, it can effectively filter out impurities of cast products of various sizes, including pores much smaller than the impurities. This filtering and combing the disordered flow of the entire molten metal reduces turbulence and allows the molten metal
The flow should be smooth and clean.

Foam Ceramic Filter Portugal Foundry

Classification of Foam Ceramic Filter Portugal Foundry
Ceramic foam filter can be divided into silicon carbide ceramic foam filters as cast iron filters, alumina ceramic foam filters as cast aluminum filters for cast aluminum, and zirconia ceramic foam filters as steel filters in the cast steel industry. .

Aluminum die-cast ceramic foam filter installation
The filtration efficiency of ceramic foam filters in aluminum plants is closely related to their correct installation and use. At the same time, the conventional and necessary measures to reduce the appearance of inclusions in casting, furnace treatment and casting cannot be ignored because of the adoption of the filtration process. It is also necessary to avoid re-contamination of the clean aluminum liquid after filtration.

In 2018, the import and export volume of Portuguese aluminum wire materials was 4801 tons, and the import value was 10.68 million US dollars. Imports increased by 21.20% in 2019, with imports of 5,818 tons and imports of US$13.04 million.

The number of imported aluminum wires in 2020 has also increased significantly, an increase of 16.85%. This is because it is expected that imports will climb to 6,800 tons and imports will increase to 15.42 million tons.

The main trading destinations of Portugal’s imported aluminum wire are the Czech Republic, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Italy, Oman, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, the United States, etc.

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