Foam Ceramic Filter Alcan Cable is an economical and convenient method to remove aluminum water inclusions. It is widely used to filter aluminum water. The size of the foam ceramic filter plate ranges from 7 inches to 26 inches, and the through hole size is 20 ppi to 60 PPI. The periphery of the filter plate is lined with 8mm aluminum silicate, which is used to seal the contact part of the filter plate and the filter box to ensure that there is no side flow of the aluminum liquid.

Alumina ceramic foam filters are mainly used in the cleaning process in the manufacture of aluminum and aluminum alloys.
It can effectively remove all kinds of inclusions in the micron-sized aluminum water, making the aluminum water a smooth laminar flow, which is good for filling, and has excellent resistance to aluminum water erosion. It also strictly controls the pore size and through-holes to achieve stable filtration. Effect, thereby improving the quality of castings, reducing the rejection rate, prolonging the service life, and reducing the cost of castings.
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Foam Ceramic Filter Alcan Cable

What is a ceramic filter and what does it do?
1. It can effectively remove large inclusions in molten aluminum.
2. It can remove small inclusions of a few microns in size that are not suitable for conventional processes in molten aluminum. At the same time, because the fine inclusions are filtered out, the number of effective crystal nuclei in the aluminum liquid is reduced, which makes the aluminum liquid germinate and grow under larger supercooling conditions, shortens the solidification time, and refines the structure.
3. Reduce the hydrogen content in molten aluminum. Hydrogen atoms can be adsorbed on some oxidized inclusions. The oxidized inclusions become the core of bubble growth, so the inclusions are filtered out and the gas on the inclusions is also removed.
4. The content of harmful elements (Na K) in molten aluminum can be removed by adsorption.

Foam Ceramic Filter Alcan Cable is widely used in aluminum casting workshops such as casting bars, panels, aluminum foil, aluminum plastic, and high-end aluminum profiles.
The filtration rate of 15-20 micron pollutant particles is 98.3%, which helps to obtain perfect aluminum products.
Various specifications can be made according to customer requirements. The mesh size can be selected from 25ppi to 60pp, and the maximum size can reach 26 inches.

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