Cyprus China Foundry Filter is purchased by Cyprus from China for use in European aluminum casting plants.

The 30ppi-40ppi fused cast aluminum ceramic filter usually uses polyurethane foam as a carrier, immersed in a ceramic slurry made of fine powders such as refractory aggregate sintering aid, binder and water, and then extrudes the excess slurry.
The ceramic material around the foam fiber is dried, fired and sintered at a high temperature, and finally the foam ceramic product is left.

Aluminum foundries usually use ceramic foam filters in their filtration operations. The molten aluminum filter reduces the number of castings that must be scrapped due to the presence of impurities, thereby improving the cleanliness of the castings.
Generally speaking, ceramic foam filters are incorporated into the casting operations upstream of the cavity.
The ceramic filter can remove impurities such as scum and slag in the molten metal before casting operations.
The most common types of ceramic foam filters include rigid honeycomb ceramic structures and rigid reticulated ceramic foams.

Especially in molten aluminum alloys containing magnesium (Mg), since magnesium is more active than aluminum, a large amount of oxides, such as MgO, mgal2O4, etc., are generated and aggregated to form agglomerates (dross). Since the scum is a very hard rock-like material, it will require the Cyprus China Foundry Filter to remove the scum. In addition, if the slag is partially collapsed and mixed into the aluminum ingot, it will cause surface defects and cracks in the finished product (such as aluminum cans, disc materials and other aluminum sheets).

Cyprus China Foundry Filter

The aluminum or aluminum alloy ingot is melted through a melting step, and the aluminum base material is molten aluminum.
Maintaining step to maintain the obtained molten aluminum; degassing step to remove hydrogen from molten aluminum.
Aluminium Foundry Filter that removes inclusions from molten aluminum.
In the casting step, molten aluminum is poured into a water-cooled mold to solidify the molten aluminum into a predetermined shape.

Cyprus is located in the northeastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, a key maritime transportation hub in Asia, Africa and Europe. It covers an area of ​​9,251 square kilometers and is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Sai Island is divided into South Sai and North Sai, and South Sai is the government-controlled area. It is 40 kilometers from Turkey to the north, 96.55 kilometers from Syria to the east, and 402.3 kilometers from the Nile Delta in Egypt to the south.

Cyprus is an island country in the eastern Mediterranean. It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and has a coastline of 537 kilometers. The north is a long and narrow mountain range with many hills; the southwest is a mountain range with higher terrain; the middle is the fertile Mesoria Plain. There are only a few intermittent rivers on the island of impermanent rivers.

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