Ceramic Foam Filtration

Ceramic Foam Filtration is formed by a three-dimensional structure of mutually open pores forming a labyrinth of the ceramic filter body.
Products are distinguished by a homogeneous ceramic structure with a minimum of blocked places on both work surfaces.
In this way, optimal conditions are created for the effective use of all filtration mechanisms.

The chemical composition of Ceramic Foam Filtration based on Al2O3 makes it possible to effectively capture undesirable impurities, especially inclusions of a similar composition (oxide films).
Due to their excellent resistance to high temperatures, even after prolonged operation.
Ceramic Foam Filtration can be successfully used in filtration boxes or in distribution furnaces when filtering large volumes of liquid metal.

Foundry filters can be installed in the filter cell of the gate system of the mold or in the heat-insulating / exothermic watering can-profit for direct filter casting technology.
They can also be combined with insulating sprues made of ceramic fibers.

Ceramic Foam Filtration is also placed in the risers in the case of low-pressure casting technology.
A special type of filter for this technology is the so-called “filter plugs”.

A foundry filters have been successfully installed in distribution furnaces in injection molding technology.
At the same time, the long-term presence of products in molten aluminum does not affect their filtering capabilities.

Ceramic Foam Filtration

Metallurgical filters
Metallurgical filters are made in the form of a truncated pyramid with dimensions in inches.
The beveled side walls serve as a supporting surface for fitting into a ceramic filter box.

In addition to products of standard shapes and sizes, it is possible to make special filtration segments of various shapes and sizes without beveled side faces, which in most cases are placed upright in the filter boxes or in the lining of furnaces.
It is recommended to equip all types of filters with sealing or expansion tape, for a strong fixation of the filter at the place of installation of the product, it can additionally be equipped with a special seal.

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