Ceramic Foam Filter Uses for Casting has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, molten metal corrosion resistance, high strength, high pass rate, and large surface area.
Ceramic Foam Filter is mainly used in the field of metallurgy and cast aluminum alloy liquid filtration.
The flow of the molten metal mixture through the Adtech ceramic foam filter, the porous structure becomes uniform, smooth and clean, and impurities with micron inclusions are removed.

Ceramic Foam Filter is classified by material
Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter
Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filter
Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter
Magnesium Oxide Ceramic Foam Filter
In the bronze casting process, silicon carbide Ceramic Foam Filter is used.
The steel casting uses zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter. The material of zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter is ZrO2 zirconia. The zirconium oxide of the filter has a heat-resistant temperature higher than about 1760°C, with very high strength and excellent high-temperature impact.
Aluminum castings use alumina Ceramic Foam Filter
Ceramic foam filter products can effectively remove solids mixed with molten metal, so they can successfully forge aluminum alloy, manufacture aluminum foil, and extrusion processing technology. It is a perfect aluminum product. 10ppi coarse porosity 70ppi fine porosity range

Ceramic Foam Filter Uses for Casting

Ceramic Foam Filter Uses for Casting features
1>3D mesh structure
2>High mechanical strength, no residue when beating
3>High porosity
4>Large surface area, strong impurity absorption capacity
5>Excellent thermal shock resistance
6>Rapid increase in output

Ceramic Foam Filter application
Ceramic Foam Filter can effectively remove and absorb various impurities in molten aluminum, improve surface quality, product performance and microstructure effectiveness. Mainly used for precision casting of aluminum alloys such as household, construction, electricity, condenser tubes, cables, etc.

1. Aluminum alloy bar selection: 10-30ppi
2. Long-term casting options: 30-50ppi
3. High-quality aluminum profile or plate selection: 40 or 50ppi
4. Double zero wave continuous casting and rolling options:> 50ppi
5. Other specifications can be customized according to your requirements

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