Ceramic Foam Filter Pakistan Aluminum uses a complete set of strict manufacturing technology from material selection, pulping and mixing, carrier pretreatment, infrared drying, sputter coating and microwave drying, to temperature field control of baking.

In the aluminum rod and aluminum ingot casting process, the mechanism of the foamed ceramic plate to filter and purify the aluminum melt is generally described as the diffusion interception and inertial collision interception or screening mechanism, the sedimentation layer and the deep bed filtration mechanism.

During the smelting process of the rod aluminum ingot and the temperature field effect of the heat transfer process, the concentration difference of the alloy solute is bound to be formed.
The redistribution and integration of the metal melt is also a good alloying process. Some high-melting metal phases and compounds re-aggregate and grow, and the small impurity phases can be collected by filtration after they are gathered and grown.
This can be explained by the changes in the concentration of alumina, Fe phase, and Ti phase before and after filtration.

Ceramic Foam Filter Pakistan Aluminum

For molten aluminum with a lot of impurities in the aluminum melt
The effect of using two-stage alumina ceramic foam filter plate is more obvious. In this way, the molten aluminum is more pure and meets the demand for high-quality aluminum products.
First select a foam ceramic filter plate with a larger mesh, and add a glass cloth before the filter plate for coarse filtration. In this case, it is important to use glass cloth to coarsely filter the aluminum melt in semi-continuous casting. It can intercept the slag flowing out when the furnace eye is opened and the slag washed down on the launder to prevent the filter plate from being blocked.

Ceramic Foam Filter Pakistan Aluminum has a high removal rate of impurity phases in the aluminum melt, and the static pressure difference before and after filtration changes more with time, and the H content in the aluminum melt before and after filtration also changes significantly. Of course, the smaller the holes of the selected foam ceramic board, the more the cleanliness of the aluminum melt can be improved.

Ceramic foam filter is the last process of aluminum melt purification treatment, and it is particularly important to choose a suitable ceramic foam filter plate.
It needs to be specially pointed out that it is necessary to prevent the secondary pollution of the melt that may occur during the process of solidification and forming after the aluminum melt leaves the filter box.
In this process, use long-life, high-strength, non-stick aluminum, and good thermal insulation fused silica ceramic sintering trough, front box, distribution plate, and hot cap, and timely dehumidification and cleaning to eliminate possible pollution sources It cannot be ignored to ensure the cleanliness of aluminum melt.

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