Ceramic Foam Filter Mozal Aluminium Plant has been widely used in large aluminum rod and aluminum ingot plants in Africa to obtain relatively clean aluminum ingots and aluminum rods.
For the production of industrial and architectural aluminum laminate products, such as ingots or round extrusion ingots, only ceramic casting filters can meet product quality requirements. Single-layer filtration or double filtration can be selected according to product requirements.

Ceramic Filter Delemar Aluminum

The engineer of Ceramic Foam Filter Mozal Aluminium Plant introduced
The current quality level of African aluminum foil products is also a reflection of the quality level of die-cast aluminum die-casting parts, which is comparable to the current level of advanced manufacturers.
In terms of melt purification, it can basically meet the production requirements of popular products.
However, in order to make the products high-grade and produce high-quality aluminum plates, there are certain defects in the purification process, equipment and management, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1. Metal transfer
The metal transfer gap between the smelting furnace and the static furnace is large, and the slag suction and gas suction are serious.
2. Streaming system
The heat preservation of the degassing box and washing machine is not ideal, the melting temperature is controlled too high or the melting temperature is controlled too low.
This happens when the melting temperature is controlled too low, which will cause the lotion to burn and heat, and increase hydrogen absorption and metal oxidation.

Both in-furnace degassing (fixed furnace) and online degassing use a single inert argon gas. The inert gas does not react with aluminum at the general melting temperature. Due to the large bubbles blown out, the floating speed is fast. The hydrogen in the bubbles rises to the surface without reaching equilibrium, and the degassing effect is unsatisfactory.
Filtration: The filter currently uses ceramic filters with a precision of 30~50ppi. Since the cavity size of the filter box is difficult to maintain the original size after a period of use, and the filter has the phenomenon of slagging, it is very important for the production of high-quality aluminum plates, that is, the filtration accuracy is not easy to achieve, and the stability is also low.

UAE Global Aluminum and China Bosai Mining Group signed a three-year Guinea bauxite supply agreement
On December 9, 2021, UAE Global Aluminum Corporation (EGA) announced the signing of a three-year Guinea bauxite supply agreement with China Bosai Mining Group.

According to the agreement, EGA will start shipping bauxite from January 2022 and supply millions of tons of bauxite to Bosai Mining Group every year. EGA has supplied more than 1 million tons of bauxite to Bosai Mining Group under a short-term agreement in 2021. Bauxite is the raw ore from which aluminum is extracted.

Guinea Alumina Company (GAC), a mining subsidiary of EGA, started production in 2019 and last year became the world’s second largest bauxite producer supplying bauxite to third-party customers.

Mr. Yuan Zhilun, Chairman of Bosai Mining Group, said today: “We welcome EGA to become Bosai Group’s long-term bauxite supplier, and look forward to a stable and reliable Guinea bauxite supply in the future to promote our business development.”

The Guinea alumina company GAC, a subsidiary of EGA, has a total investment of approximately US$1.4 billion. GAC is located in northwestern Guinea, with a mining area of ​​690 square kilometers. The mined bauxite will be transported by train to GAC’s port in Kamsar via a shared railway line.

In Guinea, EGA uses transshipment facilities to load bauxite on a Cape of Good Hope bulk carrier for sea transportation, thereby reducing the transportation cost per ton of bauxite.

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