Molten Aluminum Filter Ural Aluminium is mainly used in foundries to filter aluminum and aluminum alloys.
Alumina ceramic foam filter has excellent corrosion resistance and corrosion ability of molten aluminum, effectively removing large impurities in molten aluminum and adsorbing fine impurity particles, reducing residual gas and providing laminar flow, thereby making the filtered metal significantly more transparent.
Cleaner metals can produce higher quality castings, less scrap, and fewer inclusion defects.

Molten Aluminum Filter Ural Aluminium

Advantages of Molten Aluminum Filter Ural Aluminium
1. Three-dimensional connected network structure, high porosity
2. Large surface area for slag collection and large surface area for filtration
3. Excellent thermal shock resistance
4. Particles larger than the pore size are captured on the top of the ceramic foam filter
5. The smaller particles are captured by the larger particles on the filter cake
6. Fine particles are trapped in the pores of the filter

The Guinea coup has a short-term impact on aluminum prices? The local military has promised to guarantee the export of minerals
On Sunday, local time, a coup took place in Guinea, a West African country. The military seized power, disbanded the government and suspended the constitution. President Alpha Conde was arrested.

This incident pushed up aluminum prices rapidly. Guinea has the world’s largest reserves of bauxite, and changes in its domestic political situation have directly caused bauxite prices to rise.

According to Asian Metal’s assessment, this Monday, the delivery price of bauxite exported from Guinea to China once hit an 18-month high of US$50.50/ton, up 1% from last Friday. Since the beginning of this year, the delivery price of bauxite has risen by 16%. However, the main reason for the increase in the delivery price of bauxite is that buyers are concerned about the impact of the Guinea coup on supply, but in fact no miners have reported supply disruptions.

As the price of bauxite rose, the price of aluminum futures also rose, and the price of LME aluminum on Monday hit a new high in nearly ten years. This influence has also spread to the stock market. In the international market, the share prices of aluminum producers such as Norsk Hydro and Rusal have both risen; in the A-share market, the share prices of aluminum producers such as Aluminum Corporation of China have also risen.

However, the upward momentum of aluminum prices failed to continue until Tuesday. As of this Tuesday, the main aluminum futures of LME fell slightly by 0.11%, and the main Shanghai aluminum futures rose by 0.28%.

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