Ceramic Foam Filter from Adtech

Guide of Choosing Ceramic Foam Filter

It’s very important to choose and design Ceramic Foam Filter model & filter seat correctly according to casting types and pouring weight. The general principle is that the whole gating system should be a system without pressure to ensure that the molten metal liquid filling mould smoothly. Ratio of the sectional area will be the main point.

Ceramic Foam Filter from Adtech Advantages

Increased Fluidity
Removal of inclusions makes the metal more fluid, resulting in easier mold fill, better cast structure, and better thin section castability.

Reduced Mold and Die Wear
Removal of inclusions and other nonmetallic debris from the melt reduces die soldering and mold-metal interaction, which degrades the mold surface and service life.

Longer Tool Life
Oxide as well as intermetallic inclusions create “hard spots” that damage tools in machining and finishing operations. Ceramic Foam Filter reduces tool wear and increases productivity.

Fewer Rejects
Inclusions nucleate porosity, create hot tears during solidification,cause surface defects that mar appearance, and often reduce mechanical properties. In many cases, Ceramic Foam Filter cuts rejects from such causes to virtually zero. Improvements in yield to near 100% and reduced reject rates to at or near 0% are common.

Foundry Ceramic Foam Filter

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