Ceramic Filter For Casting is the first cost-effective medium to remove non-metallic inclusions from molten aluminum. Ceramic foam filters are still the standard for aluminum filtration in foundries all over the world.

Mainly used in continuous casting equipment for aluminum and aluminum alloy melt filters, half-continuous casting, gravity casting, low pressure casting, and also used in other non-ferrous metal precision casting, gas-solid, liquid-solid phase separation media, high-temperature gas filtration, Chemical filling, sound-absorbing materials, catalytic carriers, etc.

Ceramic Filter For Casting Features
1. Superior dimensional tolerance.
2. Stable chemical properties.
3. Excellent filtration efficiency.
4. Excellent mechanical strength.
5. Corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance.
6. Beveled edges and compressible washers.

Ceramic Filter For Casting

Q: Are you a factory?
A: Of course, we are a factory. welcome!
Q: What parameters should I provide to you so that you can make a correct quotation?
Use, aperture, size, color, quantity, packaging requirements, trade terms.
Q: How do you control your quality?
A: For every production process, we have a complete quality control system for chemical composition and physical properties. All products are inspected after production and passed ISO9001 quality system certification.
Q: What is your delivery time?
It usually takes 15-20 days after receiving the PO.
Do you provide samples?
Yes, our factory provides sample testing, please send us the detailed parameters. (If you need to make it to order, it is best to bring drawings.) It can be charged or free according to specific requirements.
What are the payment terms?
We accept wire transfers, letters of credit, Western Union, etc.
Q: How can I get samples?
We are honored to provide you with samples.
How about your packaging?
A: We provide plastic bags, woven bags, cartons, pallets, etc. OEM packaging is also available.
Q: Do you have R&D services?
Yes, we have an R&D department to assist you in developing new products.
Q: Does your company accept customization?
We accept OEM service.
Q: Can we visit your company?
Of course, you are welcome to visit our company.

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