Ceramic Filter Aluminium Arabic removes the non-metallic components in the aluminum alloy melt and uses the furnace flux to operate. China Aluminum widely uses ceramic foam filter technology outside the furnace.
Melting aluminum alloy is the first step in the aluminum alloy processing process, and it is also an important bonding agent. Reflected in alloying, refining, and refining processing technology.

Aluminum foil materials have been widely used in many fields because of their lightweight, corrosion resistance, and good electrical conductivity.
The double zero ultra-thin aluminum foil with a thickness of less than 0.005mm has become the goal and direction pursued by modern aluminum processing companies to seize the market and improve performance.
To obtain high-quality, zero-hole, high-performance ultra-thin double-foil products, the quality of the aluminum substrate must be strictly controlled.
The metal foam filter is a key process in the production of aluminum plates and is the prerequisite and guarantee for the processing of high-quality double zero aluminum foil. This has a profound impact on the quality and performance of the twice-thin ultra-thin aluminum foil.

Ceramic Filter Aluminium Arabic

When starting to use Ceramic foam filters Aluminium Arabic, slightly larger debris particles in the aluminum melt may pass through the pores of the filter plate.
After the filter plate is used for a period of time, some small impurity particles will be absorbed in its pores. Since the amount of filtered aluminum liquid has not gradually increased, the particles adsorbed in the pores of the filter plate continue to accumulate. , To make the pores of the filter smaller and improve the filtering effect.
However, when the amount of impurities absorbed by the filter plate reaches to block the pores of the filter plate, the filtering effect begins to weaken, and the quality of the casting billet also decreases.
It can be seen from the test hole that the secondary filter plate can remove the fine particles in the aluminum melt and has a better purification effect on the aluminum melt.

Kunming Metallurgical Research Institute Test
After the liquid and liquid purified by the high-purity nitrogen 1235 in the holding furnace are further purified by the online degassing device outside the furnace, the ceramic plates are filtered and purified outside the furnace and then enter the casting and rolling mill for rolling. . بیلت
The ceramic plate filtering method used is 30ppi/day for the secondary filter box, and the secondary ceramic mesh filter plate is 40/50PPi. The molten aluminum must pass through a primary filter before flowing into the front box.
The filter plate can effectively seal the metal and non-metal components and bubbles in the aluminum melt, play the role of refining the aluminum melt, and is the fundamental guarantee for obtaining high-quality castings.
Die casting material is 5 tons per roll.
The cleaning quality of the ceramic filter plate to the liquid aluminum is directly related to the amount of liquid aluminum filtered by the ceramic filter plate. Therefore, in order to process high-quality ultra-thin aluminum foil, it is necessary to use clean liquid aluminum to produce liquid aluminum. Ingot.
The 26-55 tons aluminum foil casting blank produced after using the new filter is the first choice for the production of ultra-thin aluminum foil.

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