Casthouse Liquid Metal Filler For Aluminium has greatly improved the product quality of aluminum smelting products, and the product performance has also been greatly improved.
Our aluminum factory ceramic foam filter uses high-quality porous foam and high-purity ceramics as raw materials, which can effectively remove the non-metallic solid mixture in aluminum and aluminum alloy melts, and is suitable for your aluminum casting industry.

Manufacturer of Ceramic Filters for Aluminum Plants
The company specializes in the production and sales of degassing, filtration and refractory materials used in aluminum casting, metallurgy and other industries.
The on-line degreasing device has a reasonable design structure. The hydrogen cleaning efficiency is stable at 60% ~ 80%;
The ceramic foam filter is made of Al2O3 molten material sintered at high temperature. With high strength and super adsorption performance, it can effectively filter micron inclusions in molten aluminum.
Hot top castings are made of refractory materials, with high strength, aluminum removal and long service life.
The roll casting nozzle is integrally formed with nano-natural fiber composite material, which has high precision and is not easy to be carbonized and deformed.

Casthouse Liquid Metal Filler For Aluminium can remove impurities in aluminum melt and make CFF Casthouse have long-term durability.
The primary requirement of the aluminum casting industry is to provide high-quality products to the market for use by other manufacturing units. This will benefit users because the quality of the product is very good and it provides many opportunities to improve its functionality.
Therefore, when the aluminum casting industry depends on many other industries, the quality of the castings must be good. This can be achieved by using a durable ceramic filter through which molten metal or alloy enters the mold, resulting in higher quality castings.
Most die casting industries use ceramic foam filters to remove impurities from molten metals or alloys.
Due to the use of this filtering process, the design of the casting has a certain degree of strength and robustness
. Most industries are using this filter to obtain high-standard products, which can be used in different manufacturing units.

Casthouse Liquid Metal Filler For Aluminium

In addition, the demand for refined and high-quality products may be greater than the demand for porous and rough items. Due to the presence of many impurities in molten metal and higher requirements for high-quality products, the use of ceramic filters is becoming more and more popular in these industries.
Since cast products in the mold manufacturing industry can be used in various other equipment, they must have different shapes.
Ceramic filters help to achieve this goal, and filters help to provide castings in different shapes. Ceramic foam filter also has a good purification system.
Therefore, many industries have replaced filters and produced more demanding products, so that higher quality products can be used in other industries.

Liquid Metal Filler For Aluminium has good resistance to high temperature impact, while maintaining efficient filtration. They are widely used in sand type, investment type, shell type and permanent type for aluminum and non-ferrous alloy filtering operations.
Ceramic foam filter is a commonly used filter tool in aluminum and non-ferrous alloy smelting industries. The foam filter is made of high-purity alumina (AI2O3) with a whiter color.
This filter provides deep filtration to remove a large amount of impurities in the molten aluminum, while the mesh-shaped filter provides thorough deep filtration to remove impurities in the molten aluminum.
It has an excellent ability to resist high thermal shocks while maintaining continuous and thorough filtration that effectively removes impurities. Uniform pore size, high porosity, proper sintering, high flexural and compressive strength, and good filtering effect.

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