Metal Filtration Aluminium Bolivia has the characteristics of light weight, high mechanical strength, large specific surface area, high porosity, strong thermal shock resistance, strong corrosion resistance, excellent performance, and favorable price. It is designed to filter impurities in liquid metal.
With the distributed pore network structure, they can increase the surface area and absorb the sintered ore, and the liquid metal becomes more pure, and there are far fewer wasteful quality problems such as sand holes and pores.

The filter used by Aluminium Bolivia in cast aluminum can effectively remove various fineness of micron inclusions in the aluminum water, making the aluminum water a smooth laminar flow, which is very suitable for filling.
It has good mechanical strength and chemical stability, as well as excellent aluminum cleaning.
Strictly control the pore size and through-hole ratio to achieve stable filtration.
Ceramic foam filter plate is surrounded by a sealed thermally-expandable ceramic fiber gasket, which helps the filter plate to be sealed in the filter box to ensure that no metal liquid is bypassed.

Ceramic filter parameters in the production of aluminum and aluminum alloys
178×178×50mm, 230×230×50mm, 305×305×50mm, 381×381×50mm, 432×432×50mm, 508×508×50mm, 584×584×50mm,
There are seven main foam ceramic filter plate products. Other specifications and models are required.

Aluminium Bolivia said that Metal Filtration Aluminium Bolivia must withstand a certain external pressure during the transportation and use of the filter plate. Therefore, the standard also introduces a compressive strength index as one of the basis for measuring the quality of the filter plate. Filter plate.
The higher the compressive strength, the more durable the product and the better the quality, and vice versa.

Metal Filtration Aluminium Bolivia

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