Types of filters for various metals
1. Filters for steel
If metal is necessary for filtering – this is steel, then filters made on the basis of zirconium oxide are perfect for this purpose.
They can be used at a temperature of 1700 degrees Celsius, however, if the application is not long, then it is possible to use from a higher temperature.
Steel filtration requires absolute chemical purity and high strength and reliability, since this metal is used (especially for high-alloy steel alloys) in very important areas that do not tolerate errors and low-quality products – aviation, rocket science, energy and other similar industries.
Filters from zirconium oxide perfectly remove slag from the melt (due to the three-dimensional structure of the filter), and also leave large foreign bodies on the surface.
Small ones are delayed at a different level of the filter, not reaching the molten metal.

2. Filters for cast iron and copper (as well as its alloys)
If it is necessary to filter out the melt of durable and ductile iron, then silicon carbide filters should be purchased.
It is distinguished by increased strength, resistance to thermal shock and the effects of various chemicals.
Such filters are cleaned of toxins, foreign bodies and gases in a dissolved state.
The temperature maintained by this filter is equal to 1500 degrees Celsius. Another property that only a filter made on the basis of copper carbide possesses is the ability to reduce turbulence in the gate system.
The advantage of this function and the advantage in production is that it does not allow the mold to spill, it protects the product.
Based on the above properties, it can be concluded that filters made of silicon carbide have high strength, which ensures thorough filtering without damaging the filter itself for a long time. These filters are manufactured and provided in all standard sizes.

3. Zro2 Foam Ceramic Filter for aluminum melts
Nowadays, great demands are made on the purity of the metal, especially with regard to the metal that is often used in the production of metal, such as aluminum.
To ensure high-quality cleaning of the melt of this metal from slags, steamed gases and other “unnecessary” particles, Zro2 Foam Ceramic Filter is used in the production.
Zro2 Foam Ceramic Filter provides thorough cleaning of aluminum melt in foundries and large enterprises, metallurgical enterprises.
The dimensions of this filter are measured in inches, and it represents truncated pyramids, they are sealed at the edges.
Such a seal is made specifically so that the filter fit is accurate, without indentation and crevices, which minimizes the possibility of foreign particles entering the melt, reducing them to zero.

Zro2 Foam Ceramic Filter

What type of filter to purchase?
Based on the data provided above, you can easily understand that the filter must be selected clearly for the metal.
You can’t use one filter in all strained melts, because this can lead to poor-quality filtration – and this can end in marriage, so the filter is selected only for metal.

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