Foam Ceramic Filter Sakthi Group is used in the aluminum metallurgy industry and aluminum rod and ingot foundries to remove non-metallic inclusions and metal fusion in molten aluminum.

During the casting process, due to the three-dimensional structure of the Foam Ceramic Filter, the metal flow is effectively stabilized, the mold is smoother, and the filling is more uniform.
It is usually applied by placing an alumina ceramic foam filter in the filter housing. The filter has excellent corrosion resistance and cast aluminum corrosion performance, can effectively remove inclusions, reduce residual gas, provide laminar flow, and the filtered metal is significantly cleaner. Cleaner metals can produce high-quality castings, reduce scrap and reduce inclusion defects, and help increase profits.
Ceramic filter supplier The seller supplies ceramic foam filter, split cone, degassing device, CFF device, wheel tip, cleaning, and jump butt casting for cast aluminum.

Sakthi Group is introducing to aluminum melting and casting plants in Portugal and neighboring countries to recommend Foam Ceramic Filter Sakthi Group.

Foam Ceramic Filter Sakthi Group

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