Foam Ceramic Filter Malaysia Aluminium has the characteristics of not dropping slag and effectively reducing the pollution of molten aluminum. Using the principle of adsorption, it can effectively remove large inclusions in molten aluminum and effectively adsorb small and small inclusions.

Foam Ceramic Filter is widely used in aluminum casting workshops such as aluminum alloy casting rods, casting billets, aluminum foil, aluminum cans, and high-grade aluminum profiles. The filtration rate of 98-20 micron impurity particles is 98.3%, which helps to obtain perfect aluminum products. Various specifications can be produced according to customer requirements, ranging from 10ppi to 40ppi, and the maximum size can reach 23 inches.

Foam Ceramic Filter Malaysia Aluminium supplier Adtech China
AdTech Foam Ceramic Filter is sold all over the world for the purification of molten aluminum.
Our filters clean aluminum used in billets, foil casting, slab ingots and all other critical applications.

AdTech is committed to continuously improving the filtration performance of the aluminum industry.
The influence of unit size in filtration, dust leakage, filter bowl/box design, plate strength and preheating-filters and bowls are essential for proper filtration performance. These elements will help you understand the performance of the filter and choose the best solution for your application.

Foam Ceramic Filter Malaysia Aluminium

Kuala Lumpur

Affin Hwang Capital stated that although China’s release of some base metal reserves in the short term is unlikely to disrupt the rise in commodity prices, this is still the main risk for Press Metal Aluminium Holdings Bhd.

In addition, the company said that as the world’s second-largest aluminum producer after China, Russia is implementing new export taxes on aluminum, steel products, nickel and copper.

Affin Huang said that it has not changed its aluminum average selling price (ASP) assumptions for 2021-2023, which are US$2,000, US$2,200 and US$2,300 per ton, respectively.

“We don’t expect China’s current auctions to significantly slow down price increases unless further large-scale auctions are conducted at a price significantly discounted from the spot price for a period of time.

“We also believe that Russia’s measures to impose export taxes on aluminum will help limit the decline in aluminum prices.

“In other words, we recognize the downside risks of China’s efforts and have conducted a sensitivity analysis of earnings based on changes in aluminum prices,” it said in a report today.

Affin Hwang said that although Malaysia is still locked down, Press Metal’s smelting business has not been interrupted.

Although the aluminum smelting activity is not labor-intensive, the labor force on site is reduced to 50% of the total labor force, but the company continues to operate the plant at full utilization.

Elsewhere, Affin Hwangbsaid Press Metal still expects its third-phase Samalaju plant to be fully operational this month.

It added that the PT Bintan plant has also started production at its first phase refinery, and the first shipment of the plant is expected to be shipped this month.

Affin Hwang maintains its “Buy” rating on Press Metal, with a target price of RM7.30 unchanged.

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