Foam Ceramic Filter Dirut Inalum can effectively remove large heterogeneous impurities in molten aluminum, and can filter out small inclusions of a few microns that cannot be removed by traditional processes.
Since the hydrogen atoms and other harmful ions in the aluminum liquid are often adsorbed on the inclusions, and the inclusions can become the core of bubble formation, therefore, while filtering out the inclusions, these harmful elements and gases in the aluminum liquid can also be reduced. Content.
Foam Ceramic Filter Dirut Inalum filters out many small inclusions, thus reducing the effective crystal nuclei required for the solidification of the molten aluminum, which can promote the nucleation and growth of the molten aluminum under large supercooling conditions, the structure is refined, and the product performance can be improved. improve.

Foam Ceramic Filter Dirut Inalum

Generally, there are three ways to remove particles suspended in the melt
Settling-particles accumulate at the bottom of the melt.
Floating-Inclusions float up and gather on the surface of the melt.
Filtration-the separation of particles from the melt through porous media.

Information about Dirut Inalum
Purba Baru (26/6)-INALUM and PTPN 3 handed over 500 million rupiah worth of aid on Saturday (26/6) for the construction of the Musthafawiyah Islamic Homestay in Purba Baru, Mandalin Natal Regency, North Sumatra School facilities.

This assistance was symbolically transferred to H. Mustafa Bakri Nasution as the head of the Islamic boarding school by Sophia I. Wattimena, the managing director of INALUM and the leadership of PTPN 3, under the witness of the Minister of BUMN, the Minister of Trade, and the Deputy Governor of North Sumatra , Deputy Chairman of North Sumatra DPRD and other officials.

Kuala Tanjung (18/6) – The head of the North Sumatra Regional Police (Kapolda) and the commander of the Bukit Barisan Nasional Military Command Vaccination situation Friday (18th 6th) Sumatra. The mass vaccination took place for 3 days from June 16 to 18, 2021, with a target of 3,000 participants. This vaccination is specifically for the elderly and public service personnel, as well as the people of Batu Barra Regency.

North Sumatra Police Attorney General Boll. Dr. RZ Panca Putra Simanjuntak, M.Si reminded the entire community to be vigilant against Covid-19 even if they have been vaccinated. “Thank God, with the support of all stakeholders including INALUM, this vaccination can be carried out smoothly in the Batu Barra Regency. We urge everyone who has been vaccinated to be vigilant against Covid-19,”

At the same time, the commander of Kodam I Bukit Barisan, Major General TNI Hassanudin, SIP, and MM reminded the public of the importance of maintaining 5M. Hassanudin explained: “After vaccination, we urge everyone to maintain 5M, which means wearing masks, washing hands, keeping distance, staying away from crowds and restricting activities.”

Sophia Isabella Wattimena, Managing Director of INALUM who attended, said: “INALUM fully supports the implementation of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign for the people of Batu Bara Regency. Through the cooperation with Poldasu, Kodam I BB, Batu Bara Regency and all related interests We hope that the implementation of this vaccination can proceed smoothly and effectively prevent the spread of Covid-19, especially in the Batu Barra Regency,” Sofia said.

In addition, the regent of Batu Bara. In his speech, H. Zahir, M.AP also hoped that the vaccination plan could continue until all the people of Batu Bara were vaccinated. Zahir said: “I hope this vaccination plan will not stop there. We will continue to work hard and coordinate with the relevant parties so that all the people of Batu Bara can be vaccinated immediately.”

In the mass vaccination review, as Ops Kasdam I BB, Col. Information Kristomei Sianturi, Chief Coal Police, AKBP Ikhwan Lubis, SH, MH, Dandim 0208 Asahan, Lt. Col. Inf. Sri Marantika Beruh, S.Sos, Danlanal Tanjung Balai Asahan, Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel (F) Robinson Hendrik Etwiory, Batu Bara DPRD Chairman M. Safi’I, SH, Batu Bara Deputy Regent, Oky Iqbal Frima, SE, Secretary of Regional Batu Bara Regency, Sakti Alam Siregar , Head of Coal Health Office, Ph.D. Wahid Khusyairi, MM, Director of Batu Bara Hospital, Ph.D. Guruh Wahyu Nugraha and other stakeholders.

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