Concentric circles of R&D
Dedicated to refinement, refinement leads to clarity, and clarity leads to achievement. How to break through the last mile of combining theoretical research and customer production practice, realize the continuous and compact work of two tilting double-rotor degassing equipment, truly realize landing and operation and create better benefits for customers, Ivans Company is pressing Focusing on the “main axis” of combining theory with practice, aiming at the goal, taking multiple measures, concentrating on drawing a “concentric circle” of combining theory with practice and striving to achieve excellence in R&D and innovation.

“Innovation in the heart, implementation in action” focuses on the promotion and implementation of concepts, and practice in the system, which is the basis for drawing a “concentric circle” of R&D innovation management. Ivans Company has been constantly promoting to technicians that “technology comes from practice, and practice comes from innovation”. Only when technicians understand the use and needs of customers is the basis for developing qualified products. In view of this, the company uses different forms to let technology The personnel went to the customer’s site to understand and master the use of the product and the needs of the customer and opened a model with “PDCA” as the core idea in the research and development process. In the R & D and innovation of “two double-rotor degassing equipment seamless and continuous use”, starting with the actual process characteristics of the customer’s production, the mechanical design and R & D part aims at the center of “safety, practicality and convenience”, and the overall planning and design, overall discussion and trial operation and continuous improvement; electrical research and development inject “error-proof” thinking, restricts possible behaviors and phenomena such as irregular operations and abnormal conditions in electrical procedures, and minimizes hidden dangers and risks in equipment use.

Moisten things silently. Ivans have always adhered to the original intention of “truth comes from practice”. The company has always emphasized that innovation is not to shout loudly, but to throw off the shoulders, integrate theory with practical work into daily work, start from abnormalities and problem improvement, grasp the ground, Seek practical results, choose the good ones, and follow them, choose the bad ones and change them. After a year of hard work and forging ahead, two tilting double-rotor degassing systems have been successfully used continuously by a customer in Jiangsu. About 5 tons of aluminum water in the two degassing boxes have become finished products, reducing the energy consumption of aluminum liquid insulation in the box, the cost of aluminum remelting loss, and the increase in the yield of aluminum rods have significantly improved economic benefits, and have received unanimous praise from customers.

degassing equipment

degassing equipment

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