Ceramic Plate Filter uses a porous design to process fluid materials that need to be purified. This type of filter is generally used in the aluminum casting industry and can be used for aluminum alloy casting.
It can not only effectively filter and remove impurities in the liquid metal, but also has a great effect on increasing the purity of metal substances. The general operating efficiency of such equipment can be greatly improved, and the casting effect is also very stable.

Its working principle is: it has two end faces, and these end faces separate the space inside, and then each end face has some small holes, once the purified liquid enters the filter, it will flow into the end face here. The other end face, and finally the outer peripheral face is taken out. Its use is often applicable to the aluminum casting industry.

The excellent properties of aluminum ingots have made it widely used in many industries. There is a step of melting and casting in the processing of aluminum ingots. The melting and casting process is divided into three steps, as follows:

1. Ingredients: According to the specific alloy grades to be produced, calculate the addition amount of various alloy components, and reasonably match various raw materials.

2. Melting: Put the prepared raw materials into the smelting furnace according to the process requirements to melt, and effectively remove the slag and gas in the melt through degassing and slagging refining methods.

Aluminum ingot

3. Casting: The molten aluminum is cooled and cast into various specifications of aluminum ingots under certain casting process conditions through a deep well casting system.

Ceramic Plate Filter

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