Ceramic Foam Filter With Fiber Blanket Sides

Lightweight is the development trend of the material industry. As an industrial material with excellent performance, aluminum is the main force to promote industrial light weight. Although the aluminum industry is facing the pressure of overcapacity and low price, China still has huge aluminum. Consumer demand, now is the best time to expand aluminum applications, in the future, it is necessary to speed up the formulation of relevant standards and specifications, and further expand the development space of the aluminum industry.

It is an irresistible trend to achieve lightweight development in the industrial field, reduce the burning of fossil fuels, and achieve recycling and recycling of materials. It is light, corrosion-resistant, energy-storing, plastic, and recyclable. High-quality metal materials, aluminum, deservedly become the main force to promote industrial lightweight.

And the advantages of Ceramic Foam Filter With Fiber Blanket Sides
1. It adopts the principle of adsorption to filter, which can effectively remove large inclusions in aluminum liquid and effectively absorb fine inclusions of small size.
2. No slag, effectively reduce the pollution of aluminum liquid.
3. Good thermal shock resistance and improved corrosion resistance to molten metal.
4. Automated assembly line production, three calibration procedures, accurate size, and more suitable for the filter box.
5. Improve surface quality, improve product performance, and improve the role of microstructure.

Ceramic Foam Filter With Fiber Blanket Sides

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