Ceramic Foam Filter Uaz Aluminium uses ceramic filters to purify molten metal, which can effectively intercept harmful impurities in molten metal, transform the molten metal from turbulent flow to laminar flow, completely remove large impurities in molten metal and remove It’s small. Inclusions can improve the organization structure, effectively reduce the gas and harmful elements in the molten metal, so that the molten metal can be purified and homogenized.

Ceramic Foam Filter Uaz Aluminium is basically divided into 6 kinds of apertures: 10PPI, 15PPI, 20PPI, 25PPI, 30PPI, 40PPI.
The larger the number, the smaller the aperture. But in actual operation, the four types of 10PPI 20PPI 30PP 40PPI can meet the needs of customers.

Ceramic Foam Filter Uaz Aluminium

RUSAL introduces the advantages of foam ceramic filter plates
1. Adopt the principle of adsorption to filter, which can effectively remove large inclusions in molten aluminum and effectively adsorb micron-sized inclusions. The filtering precision of the same mesh is high.
2. No slag drop, effectively reducing pollution to molten aluminum.
3. Good thermal shock resistance and improved corrosion resistance to molten metal.

Uaz Aluminium is introducing the sales@adtechamm.com mailbox of the foundry ceramic filter factory to aluminum smelting and foundries across Egypt.

The ceramic foam filter system is used to filter and purify the non-metallic impurities in the aluminum liquid, which is very important to ensure the quality of aluminum products.

Molten metal usually contains impurities in the form of inclusions, which are not removed during the refining process. In order to obtain advanced metal raw materials for thin plate manufacturing, fine wire drawing, and precision casting, it is usually necessary to pass molten metal through a filter to remove these inclusions.

The ceramic foam filter system uses elastic sealing devices or gasket-type seals to seal the filter plate in place. The seal surrounds the filter plate at the oblique corner of the filter plate.
The gasket seal ensures that there is no leakage during installation and provides an effective separation medium, which is essential for easy disassembly.
In addition, since gaskets or sealing devices can prevent metal from entering the sealing surface of the bracket unit, their use greatly simplifies cleaning and effectively extends the service life of the unit by eliminating metal corrosion problems.

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