Ceramic Foam Filter Aluminium Smelter

Ceramic Foam Filter  Aluminium Smelter filters and purifies molten aluminum through diffusion interception, inertial collision interception, or screening.
The State Key Laboratory of Tsinghua University established a three-dimensional physical model and a two-phase flow model for the filtration mechanism of foam ceramics and carried out simulation calculations, which is very helpful for us to study the filtration and purification of molten aluminum.
However, the process of filtering and purifying molten aluminum with foam ceramics is very complicated, and it is also a complex process of high-temperature physical chemistry and metallurgical kinetics. As for screening collision, settlement, interception, and filtration, it is better to understand.

The main process flow of 6061 aluminum melting
(1) Ingredients
In the batching process, according to the specific alloy grades to be produced, the amount of addition of different alloy components is accurately calculated, and then different raw materials are reasonably matched.
(2) Melting
During the smelting process, it should be noted that according to the conditions of the smelting process, the prepared raw materials are added to the smelting furnace, and the slag and impurities in the melt are effectively removed by degassing and slag extraction.
(3) Casting
The molten aluminum is cooled by a deep well casting system under special casting process conditions and cast into aluminum rods of different specifications.

Ceramic Foam Filter Iran Aluminium Smelter

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