Ceramic Filter Egypt Aluminium Ingots can effectively remove a variety of components in aluminum water to achieve micron-level accuracy, so that aluminum water becomes a smooth trickle, which is beneficial to the casting of aluminum rods and aluminum ingots.
Ceramic Filter Egypt Aluminium Ingots has a unique mullite-corundum structure, good mechanical strength and chemical stability, and excellent aluminum washing resistance.
Accurately control the pore size and pore rate, and obtain a stable filtration effect.
Ceramic fiber gaskets surround the Ceramic Filter Egypt Aluminium Ingots to help seal the filter plate in the filter box and ensure that there is no side flow of molten metal.
This product is mainly used in the purification process of aluminum and aluminum alloy production. It is also used as a variety of gas-solid-liquid-solid separation media, catalyst carriers, burners, sound absorbers and environmental protection fields.

Ceramic Filter Egypt Aluminium Ingots

The quality of aluminum smelting is very important, it greatly affects the performance of the post-processing and the quality of the final product. Therefore, countries all over the world attach great importance to the purification of molten aluminum.
There are many reasons for aluminum pollution. On the one hand, during the smelting process, aluminum is exposed to the atmosphere in the furnace in a molten or semi-molten state.
Easy to oxidize, react with water vapor to absorb hydrogen, and easily form various forms of non-metallic slag (such as furnace lining fragments, chlorides, carbides in flux, etc.) and coarse metal particles.
On the other hand, part of the waste that constitutes the charge brings some non-aluminum impurities into the circulation process. Because the waste generated in each process of the factory comes from process waste, material waste and off-site waste, the path is different, the installation is complicated, and the quality is poor.
The above-mentioned impurities often cause bubbles and impurities in the cast plate, which seriously affect the purity of the molten metal, and further affect the processing performance, mechanical performance, corrosion resistance and appearance quality of the product.

Saudi Arabia becomes a major exporter of aluminum scrap
According to the latest data in 2015, Saudi Arabia exported about 211,000 tons of scrap aluminum to the world. India, Pakistan, South Korea, Brazil and the United States are the main buyers. At the same time, the country also sold a large amount of scrap metal to the UAE. It is worth noting that India alone purchased about 107,200 tons of scrap aluminum.

In 2016, Saudi Arabia is expected to export a total of approximately 232,800 tons of scrap aluminum. The above countries are still the largest purchasers. A year-on-year increase of 10.3%, and India’s scrap aluminum imports are expected to reach about 117,800 tons.

From January to June this year, Saudi Arabia has exported about 116,100 tons of scrap aluminum, an increase of 7.3% compared with 108,100 tons in the same period last year.

Ma’aden Aluminium (MA), a joint venture between Saudi Arabian Mining Company and Alcoa, started production in 2014. MA facilities include a bauxite mine, an alumina plant, an aluminum smelter, a can plate rolling plant, and an automobile industry plant.

Ma’aden’s rolling mill can produce 380,000 tons of rolled products each year, such as food-grade tank plates and products used in the construction industry. MA also has a can recycling device, which can recycle 120,000 tons of waste cans every year, which is expected to promote the development of the recycling industry in Saudi Arabia.

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