Casting Filter Aluminium Finland liquid metal filter outlet is determined according to the impurity content in the aluminum melt, the flow rate of the molten casting and the final quality of the casting.

The structure of Casting Filter Aluminium Finland is uniform, the strength can be improved, the useless products are reduced, and the machining loss is continuously reduced, so that the labor productivity can be quickly.
This product is mainly used for metal casting filtration in the foundry industry, suitable for the casting of cast steel, cast iron, cast aluminum, alloy, non-ferrous metal castings and large castings.

During the melting and casting of aluminum and aluminum alloys, the level of casting loss directly determines the yield of aluminum.
Aluminum casting loss of aluminum ingot manufacturers is the general term for the unrecoverable metal loss and the metal contained in aluminum slag caused by oxidation, volatilization, and interaction with furnace walls and refining agents during the smelting process of aluminum and aluminum alloys.

Ceramic Filter for Aluminium Casting has the following functions
1.Purify molten aluminum from metal and non-metal components.
2.Reduce the number of oxides during the formation of turbulence.
3.Increase the fluidity of the metal.
4. Eliminate inclusions and metal defects.
5. Improve mechanical properties and improve the quality of castings.
6.Reduce the formation of waste and eliminate extra work.

Casting Filter Aluminium Finland

Ceramic Filter Ceramic Product is suitable for casting aluminum rods, aluminum ingots, aluminum plates, and other aluminum alloys.
Therefore, the products are widely used in automobiles, shipbuilding, locomotives, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, aviation, aerospace, machine tools, electrical appliances, engineering pipelines, valves, pipe fittings, etc.
Since the ceramic foam filter is used in the casting process to filter the metal oxides and other solid slag contained in the molten metal, thereby improving the quality and yield of aluminum alloy, the use of ceramic foam filter promotes the technological progress of the foundry industry.

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