5052 Aluminum Ceramic Filter Foundry generally uses polyurethane foam as the carrier, filled with ceramic slurry made of refractory aggregate sintering aids, binders and other micro-powders and water, and then extrudes the slurry, and the rest is covered with foam around the fiber The ceramic material is dried, baked and sintered at a high temperature, and the polyurethane is thermally decomposed, leaving a foamed ceramic product, that is, a foamed ceramic filter. AdTech has a ceramic foam filter production line, which improves production efficiency and reduces costs.

The filtering mechanism of aluminum ceramic foam filter
1. Screening
Like a sieve, it prevents the inclusion of particles and agglomerates larger than the pore size of the filter surface.
2. Cake filter
After sieving, many inclusions larger than the filter holes are captured at the inlet end of the filter. As the number of captured inclusions increases, a “filter cake” composed of larger inclusions is formed on the surface of the inlet end of the filter. The “filter cake” thins the liquid, so that the inclusions smaller than the pore size of the filter are also partially captured on the “filter cake”.
3. Deep filtration
Inside the ceramic foam filter, the path of the melt flow is tortuous, even in a small local area with cross flow recursion.
This mainly plays two roles:
①It can greatly increase the probability of inclusion particles contacting the filter; ②Accelerate the change of the flow speed and flow direction of the melt, so that the small inclusions in the melt will be caught in the corner after collision.

5052 Aluminum Ceramic Filter Foundry is installed in the filter box between the furnace and the distribution tank. The filter box is made of refractory material. It can experience multiple cooling and heating without cracking, high strength, and good thermal insulation performance.

Practice has proved that the ceramic foam filter for casting is an effective tool for removing oxidative inclusions in the flame. Generally, fiber filtration can only remove large inclusions, while foam ceramic filter plates can filter both large inclusions and small inclusions at the same time.

5052 Aluminum Ceramic Filter Foundry

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