What are the performance characteristics of aluminum?

Lightweight, strong and beautiful
The specific gravity of aluminum is 2.7, which is about 1/3 of that of iron (7.8) and copper (8.9). In addition to making products light, they also have more advantages of all kinds.

Aluminum has a large specific strength (strength per unit area) and is widely used as a building material.

In addition to coating and anodized aluminum treatment, it can also be treated with a functional resin film on the surface of the material.

It realizes the manufacturing and processing of beautiful appearance and high-performance products.

Specific strength
Aluminum 5083-O 11.5

Steel Ordinary steel 5.4

Copper hot rolled steel 2.7

Excellent processing performance
Extruded profile
The shaping process of aluminum is simple, and it can be manufactured into a variety of different shapes. For example, thin foils and other extruded profiles with complex shapes can be manufactured.

Extruded industrial aluminum profiles

High light and heat reflectivity
Typical application: Polygonal mirror

The surface of aluminum can fully reflect light, heat and electric waves. It can be used for reflectors and lighting fixtures of heating equipment.

High heat and electricity conductivity
The thermal conductivity of pure aluminum is 237W/m·k, which is about three times that of iron. The conductivity is 63%, and the energization is twice that of the same weight of copper.

Typical application: heat sink

Aluminum heat sink

Superior corrosion resistance
LNG ship

Premium camera case

Aluminum can form a fine and stable oxide film in the air, which can naturally prevent corrosion.

In terms of surface treatment characteristics, the anodic oxide film treatment called anodized aluminum can be artificially made a thick oxide film to achieve a stronger anti-corrosion effect.

Because it is not magnetic, it is not affected by magnetic fields and can be used in fields such as ship compasses and computer disks.


Easy to recycle
It will not become industrial waste, but can be reused in the form of resources (the energy required for reuse is only 3% of the production of new metal raw materials). It can save earth resources and protect the earth environment.

Aluminum can

Low temperature resistance
It has strong low temperature resistance and excellent toughness even in low temperature environment. It is an indispensable material in cryogenic industries such as space machinery and LNG containers.

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