Metal Filtration

The ceramic filter for aluminium Metal Filtration was prepared by an organic foam impregnation process, and the effect of sintering temperature on the performance of the alumina-based ceramic foam filter.

When the sintering temperature is 1430 ° C, the two properties are higher.
At this time, due to the uniform grain size, less pore and glass phase content in the ceramic, and the phase containing more mullite phase and less cristobalite phase, the overall performance is best.
At this time, the bulk density of the ceramic was 0.5 g/cm3, the compressive strength was 2.7 MPa, and the number of thermal cycles at 1100 °C-room temperature was 27 times.
With the increase of sintering temperature, the compressive strength and thermal shock resistance of alumina-based ceramic foam filter show a trend of increasing first and then decreasing.

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Metal Filtration

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