Kobelco Aluminium Ceramic Foam Filter can effectively remove various inclusions in the cast aluminum melt of aluminum rods, aluminum ingots, aluminum plates, and improve the cleanliness of aluminum liquid, thereby improving the quality of aluminum rods, aluminum ingots, and aluminum plates, reducing costs and productivity. improve.

Kobelco Aluminium Ceramic Foam Filter

Ceramic foam filter procurement advantages
It is estimated that regardless of the huge benefits of using foam ceramic filter plates to purify liquid aluminum and foil their products (such as cans, car sequins, PS printing plates, etc.),

Kobelco Aluminium said that Ceramic Foam Filter has several obvious advantages
1. Improve the productivity of extrusion
When using the filter plate to purify the 6063 alloy extrusion blank, we tracked a specific die and found that the extrusion speed increased by about 20%, and the productivity increased by nearly 15%.
2. Extend the life of the mold and reduce the number of mold repairs.
3. Reduce pressing force
When a filter plate was used to purify the 6063 alloy melt, it was found that the extrusion force was reduced by more than 3% compared to the unfiltered state.
4. Significantly improve the surface quality of aluminum profiles.
Kobelco Aluminium is recommending the purchase method of Ceramic Foam Filter sales@adtechamm.com to the local aluminum ingot factory in Japan.

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The east and south of Japan are the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of ​​Japan and the East China Sea to the west, the Sea of ​​Okhotsk to the north, and North Korea, South Korea, China, Russia, the Philippines and other countries across the sea.

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Hokkaido and the Sea of ​​Japan are world-famous fishing grounds, rich in more than 700 species of fish.

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