Foundry Filtration requires good chemical stability and excellent filter function, especially for the collection and absorption of 1~10um small impurities and filter residue.
The three-dimensional structure can improve the quality of castings on a large scale by changing the molten metal from turbulent flow to laminar flow, removing gas and smoothing the casting.

Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter can provide all standard sizes and different thicknesses. We provide all porosities from PPI 10 to PPI 60 (PPI = number of holes per inch). The size of the filter can also be customized. Please contact

The filtering function of Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter
*Purification of molten metal
*Improve the metallurgical structure of castings
*Reduce the unevenness of castings
*Improve casting quality rate
*Reduce internal reoxidation defects of castings
*Reduce surface defects after casting processing

Foundry Filtration

When it comes to die casting, the functional difference between primary (extracted or pure) and secondary (recycled) secondary aluminum die-cast aluminum is very small.
Secondary aluminum alloys are obtained by mixing and melting pure aluminum with other materials such as magnesium, iron, and copper.
Due to the high extraction cost, the use of pure aluminum in casting is very small.
The ease of use, light weight and durability of die casting make aluminum alloy the first choice for designers in almost any industry.

In recent years, Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter is a new type of molten metal filter designed to reduce casting defects. It is made of high-quality ceramic materials.
Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter has the characteristics of light weight, high mechanical strength, large specific surface area, high porosity, and strong thermal shock resistance.
Corrosion resistance and high temperature stability of molten metal.
Through the distributed mesh structure, they can increase the surface area and absorb the sintered ore, the liquid metal becomes more pure, the waste quality problems such as sand holes and pores are much less, and the casting quality is much better.

Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter is an advanced product used for secondary refining.
It has a porous structure network. With the continuous deposition of fluid inclusions, the size of sieve holes and channels becomes smaller and smaller, thereby improving the filtering effect.
In addition, the filter plate has high strength and can withstand a certain pressure of liquid metal and the impact of metal flow, but it is also very fragile. Due to its complex structure, uniform quality and large surface area, the filtering effect is excellent.

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