Foam Ceramic Filter Greece Aluminium is used in the aluminum metallurgy industry and foundries to remove non-metallic inclusions and molten metal in the oxide film.
Before use, it is important to preheat the filter and filter box.
During the preheating process, care must be taken to control the heating speed and temperature distribution. This can minimize the thermal shock and strain on the filter and the filter material of the filter box.

Features of Foam Ceramic Filter Greece Aluminium
1. Excellent dimensional tolerance
2. Stable chemical composition
3. Highest filtration efficiency
4. Excellent durability
5. Corrosion resistance of molten aluminum and alloys
6. Bevel with bevel and compression

Foam Ceramic Filter Greece Aluminium

Foam Ceramic Filter is used in the production of aluminum alloy, aluminum plate, aluminum profile and other production departments. It can effectively remove large inclusions in molten aluminum, adsorb small particles of fine inclusions, purify the hydrogen content in molten aluminum, and reduce hydrogen atom adsorption and oxidation. The aluminum melt is filtered and cleaned.

Foam Ceramic Filter seller——
When the ceramic filter plate filters the molten aluminum, the molten aluminum flows through the rotating holes of the ceramic filter plate, and the non-metallic impurities and oxide film (commonly known as slag) in the molten aluminum are affected by pressure, and the molten aluminum is adsorbed on the surface. The combined effect of the slag is maintained in the inner surface of the hole and the cavity of the groove of the ceramic filter plate, thereby separating the slag and the molten aluminum.
After a period of filtering, the slag remaining on the ceramic filter plate also participates in the adsorption of the slag, which can play a filtering role.
Since the efficiency of the ceramic filter plate to adsorb the slag is exactly the same as that of the molten aluminum to adsorb the slag, the surface ratio is much higher than that of the ceramic filter plate, and the surface activity is also much higher. Compared with ceramic filter plate.
Therefore, the ability to absorb and trap molten slag in molten aluminum is much higher than that of ceramic filter plates. Because of this, the ceramic filter plate can filter out fine slag that is many times smaller than its own pores.

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