Filter Foam Manufacturers are sintered at high temperature and are made of highly adsorbable molten aluminum ceramic filter(CFF). It is installed in the filter box to filter the impurities in the aluminum alloy liquid to meet the high value-added, aviation, transportation and other high-tech aluminum alloy precision castings. For example, computer hard drives, semi-finished micron aluminum foils, PS boards are used for printing, canning materials, jet turbine engine fan blades and other products.

Molten Aluminium CFF adopts a three-dimensional network structure, and uses organic foam connected with pores as a carrier, and invades the thixotropic Al2O3 material slurry, and uses the square-corrected center distance automatic extrusion process to uniformly apply the slurry on the foam skeleton. It is baked and cured at a high temperature of 1,180°C. It is installed in the filter box to filter the impurities in the aluminum alloy liquid to meet the high value-added, high-tech performance aluminum alloy precision casting of the aviation industry.

Filtration efficiency
The filtration efficiency of the AdTech ceramic filter plate depends on the pore size of the filter plate, the size and type of inclusions (density, wetting characteristics) and the speed at which molten aluminum passes through the filter plate.

A gasket is applied around the ceramic filter plate to act on the contact surface of the filter plate and the filter box to prevent liquid aluminum from leaking through the contact surface. Our filter plates are made of three different types of sealing gaskets, including fiber paper sealing; fiber cotton sealing; expandable gasket sealing.
It is surrounded and sealed by an expanded gasket, which expands by 200% above 450°C to prevent molten aluminum from floating and leaking through the contact surface.
Filtering through the principle of adsorption can effectively remove large impurities in molten aluminum and effectively adsorb micron-sized impurities. The filtration efficiency of the same ppi is high.

Filter Foam Manufacturers

Ceramic foam filter is developed as a new type of molten metal filter.
Reduce casting defects in recent years. Foam ceramics have the characteristics of light weight, high mechanical strength, large specific surface area and high porosity. The molten metal has excellent thermal shock resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and high temperature stability. With the distributed pore network structure, they can increase the surface area and absorb the sintered ore, and the liquid metal becomes more pure, and there are much less wasteful quality problems such as sand holes and pores. And the casting quality becomes better.

Filter Foam Manufacturers AdTech
Application: Aluminum and aluminum alloy melt filter: (alumina)
1. Eliminate turbulence in the metal flow, make the metal flow smooth, avoid spraying, splashing and backflow. Improve fluidity, castability, processability, yield,
2. Remove a larger proportion of fine particles, reduce waste and rework, and reduce low pressure loss.
3. Provide consistent flow and capacity.
4. Provide various sizes, shapes and apertures.

Ceramic foam filter Dimension
660x660x50(26 inch)
584x584x50(23 inch)
508x508x50(20 inch)
432x432x50(17 inch)
381x381x50(15 inch)
305x305x50(12 inch)
228x228x50(9 inch)
178x178x50(7 inch)

Ceramic foam filter Pore Size (PPI): 10/20/30/40/50/60

30ppi 40ppi Foundry Filter is the most commonly used ceramic foam filter in the aluminum casting industry.
Ordinary aluminum casting usually uses 10-40ppi ceramic filter plates.
Aviation and high-quality aluminum materials usually use 30-60ppi ceramic filter plates.

Ceramic foam filters are basically divided into 6 pore sizes: 10PPI, 15PPI, 20PPI, 25PPI, 30PPI, and 40PPI. The larger the number, the smaller the aperture. But in actual practice, the four types of 10PPI 20PPI 30PP 40PPI can meet the needs of customers.

Aperture selection
1. The casting: 10~25ppi
2. Semi-continuous casting: 30~60ppi
3. High-quality aluminum or sheet: 50~60ppi
4. Continuous casting and rolling: 50~60p

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