Coronavirus virus

thanks for your message!! I’m safe and healthy with my family.
We are in quarantine fortunately I live in a small village in the country. I say thanks to you and your government for help and supplies to italian people. I hope virus will pass in this month. Here is everything close now. Only food shops are open!

Coronavirus virus
Thanks for the message all good here at the moment
But all the uncertainty is causeig some people to panic buy in the supermarkets
I will be working from home for a bit to minimise contact
But we are almost waiting to see what will happen
Anyway speak soon


Until now everything is fine, the virus is spreading very fast, hope it will pass soon with minimum damage.

Hope you are doing well, China seems almost recovered.

Thank you very much for your kind wishes! Please be very careful.

All the best,
Thank you for your concern.  Some people are freaking out, but there have only been 100 deaths in the whole country of the United States as of yesterday.  While the cities and states are taking the precautions to close the restaurants, movie theatres and other public events for at least the next two weeks, we are not panicked.  It is a good time to get outside and enjoy nature and we hope that it will all pass soon!

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