Ceramic Foundry Filter Factory recommended by Denmark Aluminium from China Adtech (sales@adtechamm.com).
Denmark Aluminium said that alumina ceramic foam filters for aluminum castings play a very important role in the aluminum liquid purification system.

Ceramic Foundry Filter can effectively remove large inclusions in molten aluminum, effectively reduce the size of micro inclusions, and improve surface quality and product performance.
In particular, it can improve the effect of microstructure and increase yield. It can be used for precision casting of aluminum alloys such as air transportation.

In the production process of the Ceramic Foundry Filter Factory, the Ceramic Foundry Filter adopts a three-dimensional network structure. The organic carrier is connected with the pores to invade the special thixotropy and special ZrO2 high-quality molten material. The automatic extrusion technology with the correct center spacing of four squares is used to make the slurry The uniformly formed carrier foam skeleton is sintered and hardened at a high temperature of 1680°C, and the sealing edge of the cotton is enlarged.

Denmark Aluminium installs the Ceramic Foundry Filter in a plate filter box to filter liquid aluminum alloy impurities to meet the needs of aluminum alloy precision casting with high added value and high-tech performance for aviation and transportation.

Treatment of slag inclusions in molten aluminum
1. The slight natural convection during the static process of the melt can change the trajectory of the slag inclusion to a certain extent, which makes it easier for the slag inclusion particles to float up in the melt, thereby achieving a better slag removal effect.
2.In the static slag removal process of the melt, when the density of the slag inclusion is greater than the density of the melt, the greater the density of the slag inclusion, the smaller the diameter, the smaller the shape factor, the less the slag particles are affected by gravity, and the easier it is to float.
When the density of the slag inclusion is less than the melt density, the smaller the density of the slag inclusion, the larger the diameter, and the larger the shape factor.
3.During the filtration process, as the speed of the melt through the Ceramic Foundry Filter increases, the slag removal rate first increases and then decreases.
The more the number of holes of the filter, the smaller the hole, the finer the structure of the filter, and the better the slag removal effect. The 50ppi Ceramic Foam Fitler (sales@adtechamm.com) used can achieve 97% slag removal.
4. In the filtering process of the filter, the smaller the slag density, the smaller the shape factor.

Ceramic Foundry Filter Factory

Denmark Aluminium is recommending Ceramic Foundry Filter to other companies in the aluminum industry in Denmark.

Denmark Aluminium said that 3104 aluminum alloy is widely used as an ideal packaging container for beer and carbonated beverages.
However, if there are slag inclusions inside and cracks and other defects, after the airtight packaging, the air pressure in the tank increases, which can easily cause the tank to burst or even explode.
Therefore, the removal of slag inclusions is an important part of the production process of 3104 aluminum alloy thin materials.
Aiming at the process of melt standing and filter filtering after 3104 aluminum alloy smelting, a mathematical model that can describe the movement and removal of slag inclusions in these two processes is created, and the difference between the melt standing and the filtering process of the filter is studied. Movement and removal of slag inclusions of various shapes and sizes.

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