Ceramic Foam Filter Mozal Aluminum is suitable for filtering molten metals, especially aluminum alloys. The design and production of cast filters exhibit the industry’s best inclusion reduction and flow control characteristics.

The ceramic foam filter helps remove the inclusions in the metal flow, reduces turbulence, and ensures that the mold fills quietly and smoothly, thereby minimizing the risk of oxidation failure. The best results can be obtained if it is placed as close to the mold as possible.

Ceramic Foam Filter Mozal Aluminum

Mozal Aluminum engineer introduced the advantages of Ceramic Foam Filters Mozal Aluminum
In fact, molten metal, especially molten aluminum, usually contains entrained solids, which is harmful to the final cast metal product.
These entrained solids appear as inclusions in the final cast product after the molten metal is solidified, and cause the ductility of the final product to decrease or the smoothness and anodizing performance of the final product to be poor.
Inclusions can come from multiple sources.
For example, inclusions may come from a surface oxide film, which is broken and entrained in the molten metal.
In addition, inclusions may come from insoluble impurities, such as carbides, borides, etc., or from refractory materials corroded by furnaces and vats.
These porous ceramic foam materials are particularly suitable for molten metal filtration for a variety of reasons, including excellent filtration efficiency, low cost, ease of use, and disposable and disposable capabilities. These foam ceramic filters are easy to prepare and low in cost, and can only be used once.

Mozal Aluminum engineer introduced that AdTech has a fully automatic production line of foam ceramic filters.
1. High strength, no slag inclusion, good thermal shock resistance.
2. High porosity, low filtration resistance, high surface energy, multi-phase adsorption capacity, no pollution to molten aluminum.
3. Molten aluminum has good stability during the passage.
4. The specifications are available from 7 inches to 26 inches, 10PPI to 60PPI.
5. Three different types of gaskets: fiber paper, cotton fiber, and expandable.

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