Ceramic foam filter intercepts solid particles on the other side of the media

Ceramic Foam Filter uses high-porosity material as an intermediate for liquid aluminum to pass through the pores, intercepting the solid particles on the other side of the medium, so as to achieve the purpose of separation.

Ceramic Foam Filter is a method that uses porous media (i.e. filter media, such as filter cloth) to separate solids from liquids.
Under the influence of the pressure difference on both sides of the filter medium, the liquid passes through the filter medium and becomes a filter.
Filter all solid particles remaining on the filter medium, such as filter cake.
Through filtration, a filter cake with less water content and Ceramic Foam Filter China without solids can be obtained.
Compared with other solid-liquid separation methods, filtration cannot be classified according to the size of solid particles, but it consumes less energy.
Since the pores of the filter medium are easily blocked by fine solid particles, the filtration method is more suitable for grouting with larger solid particles or less solid content.

Ceramic Foam Filter Iran

In surface filtration, filter cloth, filter plates, porous materials, and powder are mainly used as filter media and solid particles are suspended and accumulated on the surface of the filter media.
The pore size of the filter medium is not necessarily smaller than the particle size to be maintained.
At the beginning of the filtration operation, a small number of fine particles may pass through the medium and mix with the filter, and at the same time, particle bridging occurs in the mesh, gradually forming a truly effective filtration environment.
Surface filtration is suitable for items with high solid content, such as greater than 1%.
Due to clogging, the filtration resistance increases sharply. The resistance of the cake filter is much higher than the filtering environment, which has a decisive influence on the filtering capacity.

I’s aluminum ingot production increased by 23% year-on-year in 7 months
I’s aluminum ingot production increased by 23% in the first seven months of the current Iian calendar year (March 21 to October 22). Compared with the same period last year, I’s Mining and Mining Industry Development and Reform Organization (IMIDRO) announced.

The country’s aluminum ingot production for seven months was 305,101 tons, compared with 247,335 tons in the same period last year.
As previously announced by the Iian Mining and Mining Industry Development and Reform Organization, compared with the previous year’s figures, I’s aluminum ingot production increased by 61% during the previous Iian calendar year 1399 (as of March 20).

Last year, the national aluminum ingot output was 446,800 tons.
In I’s the calendar year 1398, I’s major aluminum producers successfully produced 278,318 tons of products.
Compared with the previous year’s figures, the country’s aluminum ingot production in I in 1398 has dropped by 8%.
According to data from the Iian Mining and Mining Industry Development and Reform Organization, among the country’s largest producers, I Aluminum Corporation (IRALCO) produced 185,000 tons of aluminum ingots last year, the best performance.
In the last month of last year (February 19 to March 20), the national aluminum ingot output reached 41,000 tons, an increase of 38% over the 30,000 tons in the same period last year.
By the end of the current Iian calendar year (March 20, 2022), the country’s annual production of aluminum ingots is planned to increase by 63%.
Last year, at the inauguration of I’s largest aluminum production complex (located in the central part of Fars Province), the former Minister of Industry stated that the country’s aluminum production is expected to double as the unit is put into operation.
Officials said that the output value of I’s mining industry is about 22 billion U.S. dollars, saying that the country’s minerals are relatively self-sufficient and there is a large amount of export every year.
He continued to provide the basis for the country’s production capacity in the industry, saying that I is ranked 18th among the world’s largest aluminum producers. With the commissioning of this new plant, the country will climb 4 places to 14th. ”
I plan to produce 1.5 million tons of aluminum ingots annually by 1404 (March 2025-2026).

فیلتر فوم سرامیکی ایران از مواد با تخلخل بالا به عنوان واسطه ای برای عبور آلومینیوم مایع از منافذ استفاده می کند و ذرات جامد طرف دیگر محیط را قطع می کند تا به هدف جداسازی برسد.

فیلتر فوم سرامیکی ایران روشی است که برای جداسازی جامدات از مایعات از محیط های متخلخل (یعنی محیط های فیلتر مانند پارچه فیلتر) استفاده می کند.
تحت تأثیر اختلاف فشار در دو طرف محیط فیلتر، مایع از محیط فیلتر عبور کرده و به فیلتر تبدیل می شود.
تمام ذرات جامد باقیمانده روی محیط فیلتر مانند کیک فیلتر را فیلتر کنید.
از طریق فیلتراسیون، یک کیک فیلتر با محتوای آب کمتر و فیلتر سرامیکی فوم چین بدون مواد جامد به دست می آید.
در مقایسه با سایر روش های جداسازی جامد از مایع، فیلتراسیون را نمی توان بر اساس اندازه ذرات جامد طبقه بندی کرد، اما انرژی کمتری مصرف می کند.
از آنجایی که منافذ محیط فیلتر به راحتی توسط ذرات جامد ریز مسدود می شوند، روش فیلتراسیون برای تزریق با ذرات جامد بزرگتر یا محتوای جامد کمتر مناسب تر است.

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