Ceramic Filter Aluminium Thailand is used to remove impurities formed between the refining system and the mold table. Mainly used in the filtration process of aluminum rod and aluminum ingot foundries.
The ability of the ceramic foam filter to capture these contaminants is critical to keeping the ingot clean during the metal hardening process.
Therefore, the quality and effectiveness of downstream processes such as forging, extrusion and rolling are guaranteed.
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Ceramic Filter Aluminium Thailand

Ceramic filtering function for aluminum castings
It is widely used in continuous casting. Semi-continuous casting gravity casting and low pressure casting aluminum flux filter device.

Advantages of Ceramic Filter Aluminium Thailand
Singapore ceramic foam filter is the best way to remove non-metallic contaminants. This is the main cause of casting quality problems and helps you meet the ever-increasing quality requirements.

The filtration efficiency of the forged aluminum ceramic foam filter is closely related to the correct installation and operation.
At the same time, due to the general and necessary measures taken in the filtration process to reduce condensation in smelting, furnace treatment and other technological operations. And the casting model cannot be ignored. It is also necessary to prevent the clean, filtered molten aluminum from being contaminated again.

Thailand is one of the countries with low automobile production costs. Many countries plan to open electric vehicle (EV) production lines in Thailand in the next few years, which will accelerate the use of aluminum in automobiles.
The development of Thailand’s automobile industry has increased the demand for aluminum, and the aluminum industry is expected to become a hot spot for Chinese companies to invest in Thailand.

Thanthach Ritthinam, vice chairman of the Thai Auto Parts Manufacturers Association, also said that Thailand is a major automotive manufacturing center in Southeast Asia. Many automotive companies have manufacturing plants in Thailand. The automotive industry contributes 12% to Thailand’s GDP.
Specifically, Thailand’s auto parts industry is an important factor supporting the rapid development of Thailand’s auto industry.
More than 60% of the world’s top 100 auto parts suppliers have production hubs in Thailand.

The Thai automobile industry is transforming from a production base to a more production and R&D base.
Lightweight development is regarded as the next goal of the auto parts industry, and aluminum materials, as one of the important materials in the future, its processing and technology research and development will be emphasized and vigorously promoted to promote the sustainable development of lightweight materials.
Since Thailand does not have aluminum mines and cannot produce primary aluminum on its own, raw materials and related semi-finished products need to be imported in large quantities. Therefore, there will be more possibilities and opportunities for cooperation and development with China.

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