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Recycling Of Cans realizes the recycling of aluminum. Will be concentrated “melted”, at high temperature, they will become Melt Aluminum, and then into large aluminum ingots.

In recent years, as countries around the world have paid more and more attention to sustainable development, renewable resources have gradually received attention. In our lives, there are many recyclable resources. Let’s talk about the recycling of cans today!

Throughout the year, we often drink canned beverages. We always pay attention to its taste and packaging. Do you know how to recycle your empty cans?

First of all, the empty cans thrown into the trash bin will be transported to the waste recycling and treatment plant, and enter the washing stage after preliminary sorting.

After rinsing, they will be concentrated and “melted”. At high temperatures, they will turn into liquid aluminum and then into large aluminum ingots. In this way, the recycling of aluminum is realized. Large aluminum ingots will be sent to aluminum melting and casting plants.

The recycling value of cans materials is quite high. First, after recycling, they can be made into cans for recycling. Second, the electricity consumption of aluminum produced from aluminum scrap produced by cans is only equivalent to 5% of the electricity consumption of extracting aluminum from ore, which can be used as a conductive material to save a lot of electricity.

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