Aluminium Foam Filter for filtering the melt from cast iron, steel, bronze, brass, aluminum and other non-ferrous alloys.
Filters are characterized by high thermal conductivity, durability and resistance to sudden changes in temperature, so they can be used in the filtration departments of gating systems even in the case of direct casting on the filter.
The cost of filters depends on the material, size, porosity, use of heat-resistant sealing tape, volumes and delivery times.

Exothermic / isothermal shells for profits, flexible mats for warming the profitable part of ingots, exothermic coating mixtures. Depending on the required solidification conditions of the casting, the basis for the manufacture of shells is ceramic fiber or microspheres with the addition of aluminum powder, metal oxides and binders. Shells are available in various geometries and sizes, can be supplied with a cutter, simplifying the process of separating profits from the casting.
Binder compositions and auxiliary materials for foundry. A wide range of resins for the cold-box-amin process, phenol-formaldehyde resins for XTC, clad mixtures, for the alpha set process, phenol-urethane and furan resins for the no-bake process, phenolic resins for the resol-CO2 process.
In addition to binders, the company produces non-stick, release compounds, sealing cords, insulating pastes.

Aluminium Foam Filter

Aluminium Foam Filter
Ceramic Foam Filter (CFF) is an economical filtration system through the use of proprietary reuse – economical use of ceramic filter.

Liquid metal flows through a porous material through a ceramic foam filter (ceramic foam filter).
All filter pores can be used during filtration. The heated filter cover allows you to use one filter up to 10 heats, because the filter itself remains immersed in the melt during the time between melts, which can significantly reduce the cost of consumables.

Key Benefits Novelis CFF Aluminium Foam Filter
Satisfies most quality requirements of the final product.

Using proprietary filter reuse technology allows for quick payback
A wide range of models has been developed to meet wide production needs.

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