Aluminium Alloy Foam Filter Manufacturers provides filtering purification solutions for the aluminum casting industry.

Foam Ceramic Filter can absorb and trap the tiny impurities in the aluminum melt, which not only reduces the casting cost, but also improves the casting quality.

Foam Ceramic Filter consists of a network of interconnected voids, which are surrounded by ceramic meshes and are widely used for molten metal filtration.
The properties of the filter depend on the geometry of the element (density, element size) and the properties of the material.

Aluminium Alloy Foam Filter Manufacturers


Aluminium Alloy Foam Filter Manufacturers provide the following Dimentions

Aluminium Alloy Foam Filter Manufacturers provide Ceramic foam fitler Pore Size (PPI): 10/20/30/40/50/60

Reduce defects
The company suffered losses due to the high scrap rate. The obvious reason is that defects in the liquid metal can damage the final product. On the contrary, ceramic filter technology is therefore designed to even eliminate gas inclusions in the metal and thus be used in the filtration process with a very low amount of defects.

Robust results
The solid output brought by ceramic filter technology has helped the industry win success. For example, when the ceramic filter is filtered, the gloss and uniformity of the final product are improved.

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